September 10, 2008

My Wedding Day 08.30.08

We are now married.  As crazy as it may seem, life doesn't seem to be much different.  Our kitchen is stocked to the brim however which has made us realize 2 things: 1. We need to learn how to cook more than pizza rolls and mac & cheese and 2. When we purchase a home, we'll need to find a big kitchen.

Our wedding day had perfect weather and the entire wedding party was able to come, which for a while was up in the air.  Travis (Justin's best friend fighting small cell lung cancer) looked great and even better news since the wedding, he's gained 10 lbs.  Jerry was able to fly home the night before.  Him and Justin spent the night before playing video games and catching up.

The honeymoon was peaceful and relaxing and quite romantic.

Happy hump day!

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