November 12, 2006

Tacos & Wrestlers = Good Dive Bar

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I saw Flushed Away over the weekend and it is super cheesy but super cute.

I had a great weekend.  I went home to St. Paul and spent some quality time with the rents.  They have this dive bar called Skinner's that they go to every Saturday because they have stellar tacos for $1.50. The bartender knows them and makes killer bloody mary's.   They have a group of friends that meet there at noon every Saturday and they are pretty exclusive with who they let sit with them.  We always put in five bucks each and buy pull tabs, we won $73 this weekend.

On the wall behind the table we sit at, there is the most horrible clock with a painting of Mad-dog Vachon on it.  We fight to get there before everyone so you can sit with your back to it.   Maurice "Mad-Dog" Vachon was a wrestler from Quebec and represented them in the 1948 Olympics.  In October 1987, he lost his leg and apparently fought with an artificial leg that one of his opponents removed from his body and proceeded to beat him with it, yes, apparently that is a true story.  But anyways, the man is an interesting backdrop while eating Saturday lunch.

Yes, that is him. Haha. Anyways, I would love to find another clock like that one to give to my mother as a Christmas gift because she talks about it all the time even though she claims it freaks her out, I think she finds him attractive in some weird way.  Anyways, this bar is one of the best places ever. I just wanted to recommend it to anyone in St. Paul looking for a good taco, alcohol and a some good laughs.

Oo that's my weekend.



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